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Newly improved bulk image upload magento extension with drag-n-drop and intuitive functionality



Our Most Popular Extensions

Advanced Search

Provides better search results with powerful features including weighted attributes, auto-complete, auto-suggest and search similarity.

Bulk Image Upload

Save time uploading product images. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, match images to hundreds of products in just a few seconds.


Fully customize your Magento category and page URL structure for improved SEO.

XML Sitemap Pro

make sure you're store is fully indexed with configurations to set your sitemap priorities for categories, products and CMS pages.

PO Box Restrictions

Restrict PO Box, military and diplomatic (APO/FPO/DPO) addresses for shipping and/or billing addresses.

Image Clarity

Fix the Magento image compression & pixelation problem. Adds a configuration setting to control the image quality of your uploads

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Made in the USA

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Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind Magento Extensions and guarantee their performance. If you aren't completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund.

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Free Support & Upgrades

Have an issue? Submit a ticket and we'll help you get things figured out. Also, stay current with free extension upgrades within version.

  • Magento Search Extensions

    Magento comes with a pretty anemic search feature right out of the box. Yes, it has some advanced features like saving the search terms into the DB and some basic auto suggest but other than that it is quite limited. In our search extensions section we offer a variety of Magento search extensions that enhance the default behaviour. Some of the new features our extensions offer are auto complete, auto suggest, search similarity, and overall a significantly improved way of indexing your own content so it is immediately available for search on the front end.

  • SEO Slider Extension

    When it comes to eCommerce, it is critical to boost your SEO traffic for non product pages. Our newest extension allows you to handle many variations on content in a smart and easy way without taking too much real estate from your category pages or any other CMS pages. Installation is easy and once installed you can add SEO friendly content, group similar content together and use the widget that comes with it in order to include the SEO Slider on any page you would like. Some customers report tremendous increase in traffic as a result of this small extension.

  • FREE Magento Extensions

    Head over to our FREE Magento extensions section and find a bunch of super useful extensions. We will continue to add free extensions as we do believe in giving back to the community. If you have more suggestions or ideas on additional free extensions, please contact us via our contact form. Our current FREE Magento extensions offer slightly improved search (search refinement), improved XML sitemaps, and some essential tools to keep your Magento store clean and healthy.