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We have been building and maintaining ecommerce websites for almost ten years including Magento websites since version 1.1. We have developed many additional interesting features for our loyal customers and have decided to make it available to a larger audience of advanced merchants and help you and us leverage our knowledge together while exploring this new and exciting field of e-tailing.

Our goal is to learn from your needs and develop easily installable Magento extensions that will be available for a much lower cost than the cost of custom development. We see this process as win-win-win proposition which benefits our customers and our customers' users.

Our extensions offer premium additional functionality that make your site stand out and deliver additional value to your business and your customers. Our extensions typically deliver increased sales noticeable within weeks. If you have a need for a functionality that is not immediately available out of the box or is avilable but is not done to your staisfaction, please feel free to contact us and discuss.

Our Advantage

Not all Magento extensions are made equal. If you are reading this you probably already know that :). We leverage our years of development for high profile ecommerce customers to build extensions that work efficiently while delivering the extra functionality you require.

We consistently follow Magento's core development team in order to understand Magento's roadmap and anticipate the future changes that might affect your store. We follow industry best practices and make sure that our extensions play well with Magento, the Zend Framework and other third party extensions. Our extensions strive to extend the core as if they were part of the Magento codebase.

All our extensions are made in USA and are already in use by large ecommerce websites. We also provide full support for professional and enterprise level extensions. We believe in building communities and consistently work with the local developers and store owners communities.

Who We Are

We are two senior web developers seasoned with many successful websites and web projects under our belts. We see tremendous need and opportunity to work with such active and vivid community of online merchants who wish to push the envelop in eCommerce.

We bring our many years of experience with hands on PHP and Magento development to deliver quality of quantity products. We have seen many of our customers coming to us with horror stories of bad experiences mainly because they did not have the right team on their side. Our experience and code shows that it is always better to do it right the first time and will eventually save you resources and headaches.

We work with both developers and merchants to bring together and leverage a community that wishes to excel and never accept the status quo.

Read more about our team here.

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