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Advanced Search Magento Extension by Activo — increase sales with better product discovery through improved search!

Search refinement feature allows limit search to only relevant results. New weighted attributes search feature allows showing most relevant results first.

Sophisticated Autocomplete and Autosuggest features allows for better product discovery.

Search Similarity feature allows finding plurals as well as misspelled, similar sounding words.

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Regular Price: $199

Special Price $99


New in Version 3.0:

New completely revamped search mechanism: now having weighted attribute search within Magento! Select searchable attributes and assign them with different weights to show most relevant results first!

[2014-02-09] Version 3.1.0:

  • Autocomplete now fully supports multistore setup and can handle any number of languages on the site. DB structure and index reworked to support multi language websites.

[2014-02-04] Version 3.0.3:

  • Extension is ready for translations.
  • Added French and German translations.

[2012-02-04] Version 3.0.2:

  • Fixed stop words for search results not working
  • Fixed weighted search not working with multistore views



Thank you everyone for the amazing support and feedback we got. We will strive to continue and provide nothing but the best features and improvements based on your suggestions. 



  • NEW: Weighted attributes search and sorting feature within Magento
  • Product discovery through search — increase sales by better product discovery!
  • Drastically improved product search — much more relevant search results
  • Sophisticated autocomplete and autosuggest features
  • Autocomplete feature, now includes frequently used words and phrases
  • Improved dictionary indexing, completely recoded now using Magento's own indexing mechanism
  • Select searchable attributes per feature: autocomplete and autosuggest
  • Automatically include only in stock items data in search auto complete
  • Separate stop words per feature: auto complete, auto suggest, and SERP
  • Search similarity — takes into consideration plurals and variants of the search terms, misspellings or similarly sounding words
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Advanced Search Magento Extension Overview

The Advanced Search Magento Extension by Activo is a must have improvement over the default magento search results. It provides an advanced search functionality for your entire store product catalog without the necessity to install additional 3rd party systems like Solr or Sphinx. It also offers the sensible autocomplete feature within the search box.

Some of the advanced features of this extension include:

The totally revamped auto suggest feature is a complete overload of the default Magento functionality. The Advanced Search extension will build the search index (dictionary) with the words and phrases from your product catalog. It uses a smart algorithm to build phrases consisting of up to 3 words by default (this is a configurable option). It will then provide the automatic suggestions to the user from this dictionary as user types (starting with second character). This overrides Magento's default functionality completely as the default functionality is prone to many errors and security issues.

The search suggest feature is automatically offering the best suggested phrase in case of a typo or a bad search term. This increases the likelyhood of users actually finding what they are looking for by a huge factor and provides great product discovery opportunities.

The Advanced Search uses Magento's internal indexing mechanism to build the words dictionary (index). It maintains a separate index for each feature (autocomplete and autosuggest). You can specify which particular product attributes should be included in the index separately per feature. The index is invalidated every time you edit product attributes in the Catalog and you can either reindex data manually by going to System / Index Management or configure it to automatically reindex on the daily basis via cron job.

Additionally, you can specify the list of "stop" words -- the words that will NOT be included in the index. We automatically include most English language adjectives and articles as stop words, so they do not skew your search results.

The search similarity feature allows including in the search results also words that are slightly different from the search word, this would include most of the typos, plurals etc. You can configure the similarity level from 1 to 5.

The Advanced Search extension has also built-in search refinement similar to the functionality provided by our FREE Catalog Search Refinement extensions. This makes search results more relevant by including only the results that contain ALL search terms. By default Magento includes items that include ANY search term, which usually produces not the optimal results (so when users are searching for "green shoes" for instance, default Magento search would show them everything that is green and everything that is shoes). You can enable/ disable this feature as well.



Installation is very simple and is done using the Magento Connect interface. Just follow these steps:

ATTENTION! If you have previously installed the Activo Catalog Search Refinement FREE extension, you need to remove it BEFORE installing Advanced Search. Use Magento Connect Manager to uninstall it (System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager). If you were unable to uninstall it using Magento Connect Manager you can uninstall it manually by removing the /app/code/community/Activo/CatalogSearch folder via FTP.

  • Once you purchased the extension, download the installation package by logging into your account and going to My Downloadable Products section.
  • After you downloaded the installation package, log in to your store admin interface and go to System / Magento Connect / Magento Connect Manager.
  • At the "Direct package file upload" section click on "Choose file" button, select the package file you just downloaded and click "upload".
  • After upload is done, go back to the admin panel by clicking "Return to Admin" link at the top right.
  • Go to System / Cache Management and refresh the Configuration cache.
  • IMPORTANT! After finishing the initial installation steps above, you need to log out and log in back into your administration interface in order to see the extension configuration.
  • When you log in back to your admin panel, your installation process is complete and you can now configure the Advanced Search extension.

Please read this first if you are using Apple Safari to download the installation package. By default Safari tries to open the "safe" file extensions, this includes the .tgz packages. Therefore it will uncompress the package upon download and will make it unfit for Magento Connect. To prevent this behavior in the menu bar, go Safari > Preferences. In the "General" tab, uncheck "Open 'safe' files after downloading". This will stop Safari from automatically unzipping the files. Read more on Stack Exchange here.

See more detailed installation instructions and a screencast here:
Installing Magento Extensions Using Connect Manager



Here is a simple video overview of the new Advanced Search extension functionality:



Here is a screenshot of the Advanced Search Magento Extension by Activo Configuration Panel:

Advanced Search Configuration Panel


Magento Editions Compatibility

Community Edition: 1.5.0 and above
Enterprise Edition: and above


License Agreement

This software is subject to terms and conditions of our License Agreement for Professional Extensions. You can find the latest copy of the license agreement here:

In short, you are required to purchase a separate license for each of the domains (stores) you are running this software for (excluding common variations, like adding 'www.' to the domain name). However you can run this software on multiple servers, provided that you have a separate license for each of the domains (for instance in configurations with load balancers).

You can also use a copy of this software for free on one development or one staging server per license purchased in addition to your production servers, provided that this development or staging server is not used for any live sales transactions.

All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in our Terms of Service document. Please read it carefully.


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