Catalog Search Refinement FREE for Magento 2

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Transform Magento2's out of the box search behavior to 'Refinement' when searching with multiple terms.

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This free extension changes the search results behaviour of Magento 2.x to show a more restrictive result set than the one that is available out of the box. Search changes from default 'OR' to 'AND' when using a search phrase with multiple words.

Search Refinement FREE for Magento 2

Make the search results on your site more relevant with Catalog Search Refinement FREE Magento Extension by Activo Extensions. This simple extension makes default Magento search results more meaningful when multiple search terms are used by searching for ALL terms instead of ANY.

By default, when user enters multiple keywords in the search box, Magento searches for products containing ANY of the search keywords. This often leads to search results which do not accurately show what users are really looking for. As an example, a user is searching for red shoes and enters "red shoes" as their search term. Default Magento search will find everything that contains word "red" and everything that contains word "shoes" .

This Magento search refinement extension modifies the default search behavior to show only products that contain ALL search keywords. Going back the example above, this wold mean users will see only products that have both "red" and "shoes" in the product title or description. This leads to more accurate search results, happier customers and more orders!



Please note there are no configuration options for this Magento search extension. Once installed, it simply changes the Magento search behavior behind the scenes. For multiple keywords it will show only products that match ALL of the keywords, instead of matching ANY of the keywords.


Stay up to date with Github

Check out our Catalog Search Refinement FREE page on Github. You can read comments/reviews about the extension and even install it from there.

Install using Composer

Complementing the Github repo, we also setup a Packagist package for an easy composer installation:


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Version History

[2017-05-26] Version 1.0.0:

  • Initial stable release

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